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SEO is a difficult subject but it is an important one to ensure your website will rank high in Google and on the other search engines. JMJ Web Design provides SEO, local SEO, and digital marketing services for businesses and entrepreneurs located in Saint Paul Minnesota. 

If you’re looking to discuss your businesses’ online goals and how search engine optimization can help achieve those goals, let’s talk.

Why A Local SEO Audit May Is Crucial To Your Business’s Success

Search engine optimization, or SEO, enhances the volume and quality of site visitors to a site or a particular web page by search engines. Unlike most forms of internet marketing, SEO aims to obtain organic visitors or “organic” visitors. Therefore, SEO primarily deals with building inbound links to a site from other sites relevant to the topic of the website being promoted. SEO also aims to increase inbound links from specific domains and generate backlinks from sites with high PR ratings. 

A complete SEO audit can identify your sites strengths and shortcomings. While many companies pay SEO specialists to perform a full set audit on their behalf, it is also possible to conduct a manual audit. For an off-page SEO audit, the focus is not on identifying shortcomings as it is on making improvements in areas that are seen to be successful. These areas can include creating new inbound links from relevant domains and blogs, analyzing the current keywords, and finding ways of replacing them with more targeted keywords that produce greater visibility. It can also be useful to look for recent keyword mentions. This indicates the potential popularity of certain keywords that a company’s competitors use to gain visibility within search results. Finally, it can be useful to find out whether the domain name has been registered but never used to find out if it is still viable.

On-page audits usually focus on analyzing the internal linking structure of the site. This can help reveal many SEO opportunities as internal links from authority sites are commonly exchanged between high-ranking pages. A popular strategy for gaining inbound links is through link-building campaigns, but most off-page audits show little evidence of successful campaigns. Instead, it is usually the inbound links from high-profile blogs or websites that successfully get businesses into the top 10 rankings.

Another part of an on-page audit involves testing various URL structures, navigation, and content elements to identify any inconsistencies resulting in a higher or lower ranking. Sometimes there are subtle changes that result in page rankings that the overall SERPs do not reflect, and these are the areas that SEO audits should be focusing on. Ultimately, any SEO audit should provide its client with greater visibility in the major search results.

User experience and design are two other important factors that contribute to improving search engine ranking. SEO audits should analyze how users enter and interact with the website to determine where improvements are needed. For example, is the navigation easy to follow, and how easy it is for the users to find what they are searching for? Is the layout appropriate for users to access the information they are looking for?

A quality SEO audit should provide its client with an analysis of all areas of the website that affect the performance of the site, as well as the reasons why the performance of the site is poor. Good audits also provide their clients with suggestions on improving their site’s ranking, making it more search engine friendly, and making it more user-friendly. A technical audit is beneficial because it is often performed before a local search results listing is produced. A technical audit will look at the links between the internal pages, the linking between pages, the usability of each page, and any HTML coding errors. This type of audit can help to ensure the site is as optimized as possible.


One of the most popular local SEO strategies in Saint Paul, MN is article marketing. An SEO expert can write keyword-optimized articles that will be placed at the top of search results pages. When someone searches for a particular word or phrase, chances are that if they find a website with information related to what they are searching for, that website will appear on the first page of results. This is where a. SEO Experts, such as JMJ, can come into play.

Another great strategy to consider is searching query targeting. A search query is simply a list of words or phrases that someone may type into the search bar. These words or phrases are then grouped based on certain factors. These factors are usually related to SEO techniques and keywords, so knowing who an SEO Expert is will be helpful to your business if you plan on using search queries in the future.

If you’re looking to discuss your St. Paul businesses’ online goals and how search engine optimization can help achieve those goals, let’s talk.

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