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JMJ Web Design provides SEO, local SEO, and digital marketing services for businesses and entrepreneurs located in Eagan Minnesota.  In business, for over 10 years we have the experience to help you build a professional web presence at an affordable cost.

If you’re looking to discuss your businesses’ online goals and how search engine optimization can help achieve those goals, let’s talk.

Commonly Asked Questions


Why Isn’t My Eagan Local Business Website Ranking On Google?

If you are an online business owner, the question of “Why isn’t my website ranking on Google?” is likely on your mind. Whether it is due to poor optimization or some other unknown reason, the fact remains that your website is not being optimized properly for the search engines and as such, your pages may not be seen by search engine users looking for specific services or goods on the Internet.

SEO can be defined as the means by which the website, or any other web site, is optimized to increase the chances of it appearing on the first page or pages of the search engine results page – commonly called the SERP. 


The Importance of Keyword Research For Your Eagan Business

Keyword research is an important practice search engine marketers use to locate and research appropriate keywords that consumers enter into search engines in the search for certain products, services or just general information. Keywords are essentially associated with queries, which are normally asked by internet users in popular search engines. A keyword is the term used to identify a website on the web, including its physical address, category, and even the available products. The popularity of a given website can also be determined by how many people are searching for similar products or services.

There are several ways for a business to carry out keyword research. One way is to employ the services of a professional to conduct the research for them. Another way to carry out this research is to manually examine each page of the internet using various keywords to identify relevant keywords. 

It is also crucial to make sure that all the content on the site is relevant to the keywords chosen. This is because many people searching online are keen to read as much information as possible about their target market and products and services. If the content on the site is not relevant, it will not appeal to these people and will not help in increasing traffic. A professional SEO company will make sure that the content on the site has been thoroughly researched so that you benefit from the right keywords and the right content on your site. This way you will be able to attract many people searching for solutions to their problems and increase your profits.

If you’re looking to discuss your Eagan businesses’ online goals and how search engine optimization can help achieve those goals, let’s talk.

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