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Good search engine optimization can make or break a website – JMJ Web Design provides SEO, local SEO, and digital marketing services for businesses and entrepreneurs located in Duluth, MN.  In business, for over 10 years we have the experience to help you build a professional web presence at an affordable cost.

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If you’re looking to discuss your businesses’ online goals and how search engine optimization can help achieve those goals, let’s talk.

Local SEO optimization in Duluth, MN

Local SEO is the simple term for the practice of ranking a website for the city it is based in. If you want your local business to benefit from local SEO, you need to have a local presence. Figuring out how to optimize your website for a locally targeted search results can be an overwhelming process. Luckily, we’re here to help.

What SEO techniques work best for Local SEO optimization in Duluth, MN?

The tried and true approach of quality content with quality backlinks is one that can be applied in most SEO scenarios.  If you want to rank for local search queries make sure that your websites content provides unique insight for these queries.  Bear in mind that what is considered quality for local intent queries may be different than other search queries but as long as you remain focused on the users needs and their journey/experience  your content should do fine.

If you’re looking to discuss your businesses’ online goals and how search engine optimization can help achieve those goals, let’s talk.

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    5 star review  After being with my previous developer for over 5 years he went out of business. JMJ redesigned our website and showed us how to get the maximum value out of our website.

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    5 star review  Best web design company ever. I was delighted to work with their team. Highly recommended!

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